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Fuck me like a dog

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Fuck me like a dog

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I'm gonna sing if I come back tonight, Can I still keep my stripes or have I stayed away too long? Beat me, bite me, whip me, fuck me, like the dirty pig that I am. Cum all over my tits and tell 'em w you love me. Then get the fuck out. Hey, keep it going boys. We're coming right on back, but we're gonna go the other way though.

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The collie ddog no Fhck, his nose going straight to my now exposed oozing pussy. I tried to get up but I heard a low growl from deep in his throat. Started Small or My Dog Fuck Me We live on 3 acres about 6 miles from town and have one neighbor just across the road and another about a mile down the road. Humping and thrusting, jerking my ass higher and higher, working his hind legs closer to me until I felt the hot fleshy tip of his cock rub against the cheeks of my ass.

Almost in a daze, I walked down the 2 steps to the grass and dkg down on my hands and knees. I'm gonna sing if I come back tonight, Today swinging granny in Spearfish ind I still keep my stripes or have I stayed away too long?

I was going to be his now and he was letting me know it. He must have been able to feel the heat with his little cock because once he got the squirting tip between my pussylips he paused just long enough to clamp his front legs tighter around my waist.

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Hey, keep it going boys. My parents told me to quiet him down it was my dog so i had to calm down i told him are you ok Bluffy? Was hat dir nicht gefallen? Bye Kate.

More animal sex free. She says… -What, what happened? Bite me then get the fuck out. Things went alright for weeks, they knew what to do i had to teach them a new s and tricks before have sex… Wie hat dir die Geschichte gefallen?

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I felt his front legs slowly relax their grip and then slip Fudk to my side. I knew his knot was holding him inside me but Lioe also knew it was small enough that if I relaxed my pussy it would easily slip out. Every nerve in my body stood on edge when I felt his tongue slide across my already hard clit and between my swollen pussylips. He kept humping wildly getting a little deeper with each thrust as I felt his knot quickly swell.

This time we both knew he had his cock locked inside me, we both knew I was his bitch. When i get in my room i told Bluffly come on baby get in as soon as he walked in i locked the door, i had everything ready a Bbw Alcala de Xivert swinger on the floor, pillow, water for Bluffy just in case he gets tired.

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Bringing it out on the back deck, I sat down and the little collie came over and laid down right at my feet, looking up at me with excited eyes. He apparently ignored what I told him because he came right back and shoved his nose between my thighs and nudged my pussy through my shorts before jumping up on me again humping franticly. Between his continued efforts and me adjusting how high I held myself, he had mounted me 10 or 12 times before I felt his stiff rod find its intended target.

He knew by instinct, we both knew, that once swollen inside that band of muscles, his knot would lock his thrusting cock inside me and I would be his. My pussy has never felt sooo full but I still feel gush after gush spewing inside me. Beat me, bite me, and whip me. I felt my body relax as a shiver ran through my cunt. He weighed almost as much as me and was too powerful.

We're coming right on back, but we're gonna go the other way though.

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Images of the dog with his front legs wrapped tightly around my waist, his hind end humping wildly. Friday and Saturday all night with them, the rest of days just full rest. Later that night i had everything ready, but i was worry about if Bluffy will let Sammy fuck me, what will do his reaction? He would keep stabbing around with his bony, squirting shaft for 15 or 20 seconds before he would climb off and walk excitedly around lke once or twice. What your parents said about the puppy?

I could almost swear I could feel his bony cock stabbing against my thighs and ass squirting his slick precum all over me as he franticly searched for my warm, wet pussy. I could feel him stabbing away, his bony shaft ramming against the backs of my thighs and between the cheeks of my ass.

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He stayed that way for a minute or so, his cock squirting again and again, pumping my cunt full of his seed. Beat me like the dirty pig that I am.

Dein Feedback wird nur den Autoren im Autorenforum anonym angezeigt. We stay tied for at least another 15 minutes.

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Again and again his cock surges as he pumps me full of his hot seed. Before I finished with the sprinkler, I must have pushed him away at least 20 times. All I feel is the fleshy tip and spongy end of his sheath rubbing against me. Working his hind feet closer to me as he slowly worked the squirting tip down the crease, closer and closer to my pussy.

I immediately told myself I was crazy and went in the house and got a glass of iced tea.