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I post for the same reason you look

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I post for the same reason you look

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Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest You've probably noticed a connection between how many years a couple has been together and how much they look like each other. Any couple has many things in common, and some even forr similar facial features. But there are couples who look as if they are brother and sister. We at Bright Side have also noticed such a tendency, and we decided to find out what scientists think about this interesting phenomenon. Who knows? Maybe there is someone out there thr everyone.

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Their history is "written" on their faces: even a couple's wrinkles form in the same places.

Experts explain why we always look better in the mirror

Do not delete your post and repost it. But from my experience when I post less, the reach of my overall ppost is higher. Post your hashtags in the comments vs. I kid you not, loyal reader: At the bottom of her camera roll, there were about 50 selfies. My advice is to try it out for yourself and see how it works for you.

It shows that there's emotional comfort and trust in their relationship.

This is the real reason you always hate how you look in photos

We're attracted to people who look like us. Scientists believe this is how individuals try to maximally pass on their genes to the next generation.

But, as bad as it got, whenever he saw my grandmother he would say, 'Look at my beautiful wife! Her answer revealed quite the contrary. When people follow you, Instagram knowns they would like to view your content. Post more to gain more followers.

How to beat the instagram algorithm - the lovely escapist

Science has a more complex -- looo less offensive -- answer to why we hate every picture of ourselves. Do not use the same hashtags over and over again!

Each time you use a new feature, Instagram sees your interest in the app and rewards you by showing more followers your content. He didn't remember his children, his home, or anything else. I know this may seem like a risky option. So try waiting a day reaspn two before posting again. Because of the algorithm, our feeds are no longer in chronological order but catered to what Instagram thinks we want to see. II

Experts explain why we always look better in the mirror

Bonus: Despite all the differences and similarities, the best thing to do is keep falling in love with your special someone over and over again. Sharing experiences Foor reason for eventually starting to look like each other is sharing experiences with your partner. A heartwarming bonus at the end of the article will prove that true love can never be forgotten.

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Although you can use resson to 30 hashtags in a post, this can now be picked up as spam. If someone DMs you, be kind and send a genuine response. Some Instagrammers have done this with great success. The most ificant factors here are hair and eye color and the age of our parents.

6 scientifically proven reasons why couples eventually start to look alike

It is more likely that his wife will share some close similarities with his mother, both in habit and appearance. Maybe there is someone out there for everyone. They were classic selfies, the samr of textbook selfies that only a Millennial in could pull off: duck face, controlled lighting, a blank expression I know -- remarkable stuff. If your highlights are nice looking, titled well, and the stories flow together, the more likely people will continue to watch them.

A group of scientists concluded that couples who had been married for a long time have very similar immune systems. Just be real people! Same reason as above.

How to beat the instagram algorithm

If you want to have engaged followers and grow a community, then you have to try to develop a real relationship. Personally, I travel to places for other reasons than growing my IG.

The real question is: how often are you doing these? My grandfather had Alzheimer's. By doing so, you may learn more about them and increase overall engagement. lool

Basically, the new Instagram Algorithm encourages and forcing others to be more authentic and personal. Who knows? Scientists state that partners tend to change their own habits throughout their married life.