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Lets fuck before 1230 so now

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Lets fuck before 1230 so now

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Hahaha anyone want to help? Love being in movies and taking pics let me know if You want to me?

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City: Kerens
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Relation Type: Sexy Mature Woman Looking Fwb Relationship

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B has been pouting for last several weeks. B even more thrilled, loved it all.

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Back home he was wild, loved it, we had great sex again. He was cute and funny and made it light-hearted -- drinks and apps at my favorite place, a walk and then go to an art gallery. By this time I am also into it - not only the sex but because it's R and he's hot and fun and nice and really attentive. And getting back home, B is way more attentive than usual and also so into it and we have hot sex as a result, it feels awesome.

No sex but pretty darn close -- kissing, touching over clothes, hand up my skirt, my hand on him over pants.

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So went out with R, then back to his place, had sex, several times, spent the night, more sex, then went home. When we got back home he talked about it more. I decided what the hell, went out with him. Leave comments, subscribe and help me make better porn! Am I wrong to not want to stop with R? I was leery, found it a little too extreme.


Went out with R again two more times, more making out at his place, gave him oral, he reciprocated. So start seeing R pretty regularly, at least once a week, sometimes twice. He's now pushing for actual sex with R. The latest thing with B is he's sending me new replies to my dating profiles and wants me to consider dating a new man while also still dating R but that doesn't appeal and I nos sure he thinks a new man would distract me from R.

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To make him happy, the next night I chatted up a guy and we took him to our room after a lot of drinks and fooled around just kissing and beefore dancing and petting, no sex. We ended up making out in the cab on the way to the art gallery awesome kisser and then went back to his place. I tell him I don't want to find someone new and also that I like seeing R.

R knows there are issues and has said maybe it's best we stop -- but also says he'd hate to stop and that he will miss me a ton fucck we do.

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It was fun and B was 2130 into it, wanted more. Not really an AMA but would welcome feedback. So I figured why not -- as long as R used condoms and B was so into it. Hahaha anyone want to help?

We ed him and began an exchange. Yes, he knew the whole time I was married. Also texting and ing a ton, lots of calls during the day and even at night.

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Sent B texts and a few pictures. Eventually October found one guy who looked good on paper -- a couple years older, successful, nice-looking, funny response to our ad.

He says it wasn't supposed to be long-term and was meant to be something light and casual for US to enjoy and that since he's not into it anymore, I should stop. Bbw squirting is my secret power right now! After several weeks of talking to me about it he talked me into putting up dating profiles, he created them, and he'd go through replies and pull the ones he thought were good. R and I still having fun, it's casual but a bit more too.

There's a very long story behind all this but the short version is, we have always had a good sex life, have had fun experimenting with different things. I get very used to it and look forward to it. Show more Mase was most frequently tagged: big-cockbig-dickmasemilfbig-asscumshotbig-titsmomcumbbwhardcoredoggystylemature 97orgasm 87big-white-cock 66 Report Hairy pussy dating in Bisilam user.

Love being in movies and taking pics let me know if You want to me?

I don't love R -- I love B and have told him so and shown him many times -- but the sex with R is great as is the friendship and I love how different it is. So B was very happy all went well and the new guy R started regularly ing and texting, nothing pushy, just nice and interested. It's fun and casual and sexy and Noa will miss it when it ends which it will, I know, but I want it to end on its own, beforee because B is npw it. B eventually said I should go on a real date with R -- something romantic.

I told him it was his idea, he wanted this, talked me into it.

Turns out he's a great guy -- very funny and charming, cute, well put-together. But B said it could just be casual and I could stop or leave anytime. Tells me maybe I should cool it with R and find someone new.

I was lukewarm but went along.