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Women's Health may earn commission from the links on thisbut we only feature products we believe in. Why trust us? Jun 22, Chris SteinGetty Images Out of all the go-to skills in your sex uj, giving a hand job is likely not one that you whip out often. Not because you're totally clueless about how to handle his penis, but because sometime after high school, the good ol' HJ lost its luster. And two, when you Lookin something that you don't engage in often, the act becomes infinitely hotter. Simply because it's novel.

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Likewise, if one partner has a sexually transmitted infection STI and touches their junk before they touch yours, STI transmission can occur.

8 tips for how to give a good hand job, straight from sex experts

Be Gentle Looling hands should be sliding, not rubbing. Use your fingers. Ask for affirmations like, "does this feel good when I do this? So with that, I present to you a guide to how to give a hand jobcomplete with hand job tipsand a better idea of what you probably shouldn't ever do.

Build arousal with :. Seriously, the chances of you hurting the peen from a thorough stroke are unlikely. Hall explains that the frenulum under the tip of his penisthe perineum area just beneath his ballsand the base of his penis are three sensitive spots to pay extra attention to. Plus, using two hands shows you're really, uh, invested in giving a good performance.

True words. Remember The Head When it comes to hand jobmake sure you're addressing the most sensitive part of the penis — the head.

How to give a great hand job: 33 tips, techniques, and more

Make it a consensual!! The hand job, despite its "basic" nature, is no exception. Not because you're totally clueless about how to handle his penis, but because sometime after high school, the good ol' HJ lost its luster.

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable for all partners. Engage With Your Partner Shutterstock If you appear completely disinterested in what's going on while giving your partner a hand job, this may make them feel insecure about themselves. Your own spit will soon become your secret weapon.

Or shorter caresses, along the inner thighs away from the top down toward his knees or, even better, starting at the inner thigh above the knees, up toward his balls, then ending with fingertips or light fingernails along his scrotum. Once your lubed Gananoque looking for latin sex nears the top of his penis, you can bring your support ffor up and repeat the same slow stretch. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

To do this in a sexy fashion since hocking a loogie on his man piece will likely deflate the situationinstead of flat-out spitting on your hands, start off by giving him head for 30 seconds or so, just to get the shaft wet much sexier, right? With just a few techniques, you can give your partner a sophisticated hand job that will leave him reeling.

How to give an earth shattering hand-job - sex q&a - love/sex

Why trust us? And if my expertise wasn't enough, Bustle interviewed a sex expert to also give some pointers on how to give a good hand job to someone with a penis. But communicating about what you don't like is super important—especially in the case of a hand job, when you could actually cause him some pain. Please, if you know of anything worse than cursory oral sex, say so.

Everything you need to know about giving a great hand job

Kind of a toughie. Use vor a good hand job. Here are 19 of the best hand job tips out there. Try cupping both balls in one of your hands, or lightly squeezing them together. Plus, lube makes the job easier for you. Lube will make him feel more comfortable, and will give you a wider range of motion.

The 10 best hand job tips to remember next time you want to take him for a ride

Silicone and oil-based lubes are longer lasting than water-based lube. Uncircumcised penises, however, can be extremely sensitive around the fot because they're not usually exposed. No worries. Then switch to sliding just your thumb and pointer finger imagine the "okay" hand al up and down his penis, faster.

Time to bring back this high school sex move

As he starts to get more into it, you can increase your speed. I also happen to be OK with my own hands because, well, I was very single for a while. For added visual stimulation, think about going topless goos you aren't already -- it'll probably make your job easier. Experiment with different areas. Use Lube One of the best ways to gj the hand job into the adult bedroom is to use lube.

You can communicate about it while you're doing it, and this is fun and can be a huge turn on. The secret is applied pressure.