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Looking to laugh and chat

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Looking to laugh and chat

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Advertisement We love to hear from you! Well, in that case, if you've got quick reflexes and can pull up an go while you're still laughing or if you're a good actoryou can grab a picture or short video using Snapchat, Instagram, or Vine and post it or send it along. Notify me of follow-up comments by.

15 ways to laugh online

Or maybe you have the head-shake laugh, like Joe Biden? LOL The classic acronym for laughing out loud it may once have meant "lots of love" or "little old lady," but it doesn't anymore. HAHA Another classic laughter expression that, like lol, has weakened through repeated use. Luckily, internet residents have come up with a whole slew of ways to convey laughter online—here are 15 of them.

Good laugh quotes - brainyquote

Another expansion is lulz, but it's more of a noun than an emotive response: you can do something for the lulz or say that much lulz were had. Changing the vowel, as in lel and lawl, indicates a more laid-back, less-laugh-y response, whereas repeating part of the word, as in lollll and lololol, indicates more actual laughter. Leave us Loooking message at: If you're on the verge of jumping off the dryer or overdosing on Diet Doctor Pepper, visit us for some laughter.

Perhaps they're due for an ironic revival?

Motherhood is the busiest, messiest, worst paying job that we love Perhaps you're doing a disbelieving-explosion laugh like David Tennant in Doctor Who? Caps, as ever, for emphasis.

Lookung Reaction gifs really get at why we'd bother having so many ways to express laughter online—there's a whole lot of ways of laughing. Plain haha or autocorrected Haha are sufficient for mild amusement, but for true laughter, go for all-caps HAHA or one of the expansions below.

So-many-things-to-chat-and-laugh-about-ep family looking up

And like the lol and haha families, this emoji often gets repeated for emphasis. You can also vary the consonant bahaha, gahaha or the vowel heh, hehe, heehee.

Learn from our fails and the successes of others. You may need to do a little digging to find the right gif, or you could do as many Tumblr users do and keep a folder with useful-looking gifs as you come across them.

The 37 ways to type laughter in , defined

We receive a small commission from Target that costs the buyer nothing if you link to target through us: goto. When life gets you down, know that your family is looking up! And it's definitely the Lookint engineers found that it's used similarly to lolol, lmao, lololol, lolz, lmfao, lmaoo, lolololol, lol, ahahah, ahahha, loll, ahaha, ahah, lmfaoo, ahha, lmaooo, lolll, lollll, ahahaha, ahhaha, lml, lmfaooo.

For genuine laughter, make sure to emphasize it somehow: all-caps LOL is llaugh good start, or try one of the longer variants below. A few languages also have their own acronyms, such as French mdr mort de rire "dying of laughter".

The 37 ways to type laughter in , defined

Yo, lol has been around long enough now that it doesn't really mean out-loud laughter either—linguist John McWhorter says it now indicates empathy. Which ones do you use?

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We can't actually hear someone chortle or guffaw through the internet, but we Lookong want to express our emotions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

15 ways to laugh online | mental floss

Lol doesn't count as emphasis; it's probably just autocorrect. Typos, like ahha or hahahaah, may indicate you're laughing too hard to type properly.

Unlike words, emoticons, or emoji, it's not common to repeat a sticker for emphasis, probably since they're already so large.