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Rembrandt women looking for men

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Rembrandt women looking for men

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Now in the law Moses commanded us to stone such women. What do Rembrantd say about her? A man puts his finger to his lips as if hushing the crowd.

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Left: Rembrandt, Woman lying awake in bed. Prints and drawings cannot be on permanent display due to the light-sensitive nature of works of paper.

They tower up into the gloom, dwarfing the people gathered below. In representations of the Fall of Man throughout western art, style takes on both theological ificance and erotic charge.

Follower of rembrandt | a young man and a girl playing cards | ng | national gallery, london

Card games were often set in brothels, sometimes depicting men in the process of squandering their fortunes, but also in more private contexts, where the men often seem to be attempting to seduce their female companion. Re,brandt all these artists were either trained by Rembrandt or had associations with his studio and recent scientific analysis of the painting suggests that it was probably produced there, most likely by a pupil. However, not all of his works were met with praise during his lifetime.

Right: Rembrandt, Diana at the bath. Find out more this image and download a high-resolution image for reproductions up to A3 size from the National Gallery Picture Library. Her long hair tumbles over her shoulder onto her white shift, an undergarment — her shame is made visible, with not even a simple robe to cover her.

List of drawings by rembrandt - wikipedia

It is uned and though once thought to be by Nicolaes Maes, over recent decades this attribution has been doubted. Rembrandt often used his wife as model for his historical and mythological paintings. Behind her, huge gold columns and a tall gilded altar loom gor of the shadows cast by glimmering candles. The original picture may have been damaged, as a strip of canvas has been added across the bottom by way of repair, just fof the braided edge of the tablecloth.

Portrait of an old man in red

The young Rembrandt was acclaimed for his striking ability to portray drama in womsn way that struck to the heart. There is no suggestion of a brothel, though the purse could be taken as a hint of a commercial exchange. Engraving, A man puts his finger to his lips as if hushing the crowd. He waits, as does one of his disciples with a shorn head, hand grasping his robe.

Rembrandt’s depictions of women – the british museum blog

He made skilful use of light and colour to create a representation of the majesty of the human soul. It seems that either way, he will be condemned as well as the woman.

Drawing, brush and brown wash, c. In seventeenth-century Dutch painting there are numerous pictures of people playing cards.

List of paintings by rembrandt - wikipedia

Right: Rembrandt, Young woman sleeping. Drawing, black chalk with some light brown wash, c. This is a moment from the story of the woman taken in adultery, as told in the Gospel of John. Find out more this image and download a high-resolution image for reproductions up to A3 size from the National Gallery Picture Library.

List of paintings by rembrandt

Rembrandt Harmensz. Rembrandt removes Diana from the mythological narrative, and depicts the earthy flesh of the model before him.

A man in black puts Rembgandt finger to his lips, as if hushing the crowd. And the cards on the table have no apparent ificance — an ace of hearts was often used to suggest a romantic theme, but is not visible here.

List of drawings by rembrandt

Etching, Almost 20 years later, Rembrandt depicts loking young woman sleeping, almost certainly Hendrickje Stoffels, his common-law wife from his late years. Etching, c. The coins might be taken as suggestive of a commercial exchange, but there are no other hints of potential seduction or illicit love. They were also a symbol of wealth but not least were they appreciated and treasured for their artistic merit.

Nevertheless, it was a controversial activity. This is because the preparation of the canvas and especially the colour and type of paint used to prime the background is the same as Rembrandt used, and was probably unique to his workshop. Loojing playing was a controversial activity in seventeenth-century Holland, associated with laziness, greed, deceit and a lack of chastity, and artists often hinted at Rembrahdt themes in their paintings. Rembrandt applied the paint now in broad thick strokes, now using small translucent touches of colour, forming a varied texture.

Darkness like a great cavern surrounds her.